Billions of animals in factory farms are forced to live in cruel and inhumane conditions. From chickens that are squeezed into tiny cages to the inhumane slaughter of cows, the transport of horses across the borders to be slaughtered for human consumption, animals are treated cruelly and politicians (with their corporate supporters) are trying to keep this practice a secret. 

Corporate backers of factory farms are trying to silence and criminalize brave individuals that expose the cruelties that animals face in farms across the US.  Not only does this go against our free speech but we as consumers and animal lovers have a right to know how these creatures are treated. We need to join together to stop these "Ag-Gag" bills. Please sign the petition today and forward it to friends.Below is an excerpt from the Pennsylvania House Bill 683.  

This bill will allow factory farms to act in secrecy and criminalize those that try to stop them. 

From Pennsylvania House Bill 683:

Offense defined - A person commits the offense of interfering with agricultural operations if the person:

  1. Without consent from the owner of an agricultural operation or the owner's agent:
  • (i) records an image of, or sound from, the agricultural operation by leaving a recording device on the agricultural operation; or
  • (ii) uploads, downloads, transfers or otherwise sends recorded images of, or sound from, the agricultural operations over the Internet in any medium.
  • Also: (iii) while employed at, and while present on, the agricultural operation, records an image of, or sound from, the agricultural operation


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