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    Mercedes is passionate about Women leaders, she believes they make much more robust decisions,…Read More

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Mercedes Jahn
Mercedes Jahn Campaign leader

I honestly believe women are key to sustainable success in any area they set their hearts to go... Women embrace ideas, make them happen…Read More

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Hay muchas razones por las cales  puedes necesitar reinventar tu carrera. Tal vez  estas buscando volver a entrar al mercado laboral después de pasar una temporada en casa criando a tus hijos. O es posible que hayas perdido tu trabajo después de veinte años con la misma compañía.  No importa cuál sea tu edad o motivación, no es tan imposible como…Read More
Mercedes Jahn
Mercedes Jahn Campaign leader

This article is one more reason we must be at the top !

Women as a Force for Change

As “women’s empowerment” has become a buzz phrase in the last few years, some people are pushing back. They resent this as the latest fad in political correctness, a liberal mission to troll for support from woolly-minded female voters. But a few recent incidents have underscored why a push on gender equity isn’t just a mindless fad and why it’s…Read More
Mercedes Jahn
Mercedes Jahn Campaign leader

I invite you to see these videos... everything will make so much more sense...

Videos | The Pachamama Alliance

The Pachamama Alliance
About Pachamama Videos Video is a powerful medium for bringing the vision of a just, thriving, and sustainable world to life. Below, you'll find some key Pachamama Alliance videos to watch and share with your communities. Our Moment in Time This short film tells the story of the beginnings of The Pachamama Alliance from the invitation of…Read More
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