• Update #17

Today will be a record breaking day for the Taiji dolphin hunters as five large pods of Bottlenose Dolphins have been driven into the cove to await either a lifetime prison sentence in captivity or a slow painful death. It will no doubt be a multi-million…Read More

Update #2 - 9/17/13

  • Update #16

Another Update - The Pilot Whales have been driven back into the interior part of the cove where cameras cant see. This is a where the whales are dragged underneath big blue tarps and a metal stake is driven into there heads after which they die "painlessly"…Read More

Update #1 - 9/17/13

  • Update #15

Yesterday a pod of Pilot Whales were herded into the cove in Taiji, Japan. Due to the low interest in using Pilot Whales in captivity industry all of the adults and some of the older juveniles will be slaughtered. The calves now motherless and grief stricken…Read More

Update #3 - 9/16/13

  • Update #14

A pod of pilot whales has been netted off in the cove where they will remain until morning when most of the pod will likely be slaughtered for there meat. The whales will now spend the rest of the day and a whole night crammed into a small space while…Read More

Update #2 - 9/16/13

  • Update #13

Looks like the Taiji hunters have found a pod and are driving them towards the Cove. Depending on what species they are they will either be slaughtered or individuals will be picked out for a life in captivity and the rest of the pod killed.

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