It is outrageous that such an institution would be given the go ahead to undertake an experiment done decades ago.  That entails the following:

Infant monkeys are immediately removed from their mothers after birth and kept in total isolation. They will be given "surrogate" materials known to provoke heightened anxieties. For 42 days, the confused infants will be subjected to relentless fear and panic-inducing tests while totally isolated. These tests include being intentionally terrified by human researchers, being left alone with a live King snake, and being left alone in a strange room with a strange monkey. They will then be killed and dissected.

Dr. Ned Kalin removes infant monkeys from their mothers within 24 hours of birth. Prior to the widespread use of the fast-acting anesthetic ketamine in the monkey labs, taking a baby monkey from his or her mother required three or four workers to hold the mother while her baby was taken from her. The loss to the mothers must be profound.

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