Plastic Pollution Coalition invites you to pledge to refuse disposable plastic as often as possible. Pledging is an important first step to changing. For those of you that already do refuse, stand up and be counted.

REFUSE pledge:

1. Say NO to all disposable plastics!

2. Reduce your plastic footprint. Consider the lifecycle of every plastic product you purchase. Choose products with the least packaging, look for products and packaging made from renewable resources, avoid plastic packaging and containers. Choose products that have the least amount of disposable parts. Choose glass and stainless steel over plastic.

3. Reuse glass and stainless steel containers and goods.

4. Recycle what you can't refuse, reduce or reuse. Recycling plastic items is a last option, as in many cases your plastic recycling is shipped overseas, or ends up in the landfill.

5. Speak Out! Now that you are making a change in your life, send a message to government, business, and organizations asking them to join the Global Call to End Plastic Pollution, a pledge for institutions to help stop plastic pollution at its source.

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