Oil dependence threatens our national security. Because our military is the largest consumer of fuel in the world, reliance on fossil fuel places a burden on our troops. The price of oil is high and unpredictable, which creates a challenge for our military budget. Whenever the cost of oil spikes, our military has to pay big time—even a $10 increase per barrel can create a budget shortfall of more than $1 billion. These budget shortfalls force our military to make cuts in other essential areas like training and readiness for our troops. 

In response to these problems, the U.S. military is leading the way in development of clean energy. The Navy is developing advanced biofuels that can be dropped into its ships and aircraft. The Army is developing a hybrid-electric drivetrain Humvee that delivers the same performance, power, and protection but with 90 percent better fuel efficiency. The Marine Corps has reduced the number of dangerous fuel convoys needed to supply forward operating bases in Afghanistan by using solar blankets and solar tents to recharge the batteries that power their equipment. 

Our military has always stayed strong and kept us safe by investing in innovation. We have the most powerful military in the history of the world because our forces have continually innovated and relentlessly worked to be the best. This innovation not only keeps us safe but improves our day-to-day lives. The military has been instrumental in developing technologies like microwaves, GPS, the internet, digital photography, jet engines and cell phones. Clean energy can be another military innovation success story, that is why we need your help. 

Despite the benefits of using clean energy, Congress wants to prevent the military from pursuing these innovative solutions. We need your help to secure our country and support our troops. Sign our petition and tell Congress that you support military clean energy programs.

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