Hunters or "Sportsmen" as they like to call themselves. Are now targeting to recruit youth in any possible way they can.  To ensure that their so called "heritage"  continues through the generations.  

Expanding hunting on state parks, and preservation sites.  Allowing youth to hunt alone, unsupervised.  Recruiting from our girl, boy and cub scouts.  Enticing them with medals and badges to take hunter courses. 

The fact that hunters believe that killing a sentient living being.  Is not only acceptable, but a fun recreational activity that the whole family can enjoy.  Just boggles my mind.  How can killing a living being, that has emotions, lives in family units, suffers pain, fear, happiness, sadness and grief of the loss of a family member that  is killed and taken by these hunters.  How can that be considered a "fun", "recreational" hobby. 

Their age old excuses are never ending, but frankly no longer hold much weight. 

  • They contribute more financially to conservation than any other groups. (That may very well be true.  The problem is they do not do it for the sake of seeing the species live.  They do it for the sake of keeping the prey they hunt alive. So that they still have animals to go out and kill for "Sport".)
  • They do it for food. (This is not even necessary in this day and age.  We are no longer pioneers and settlers.)
  • They say it "promotes a respect for life".  (I beg to differ.  How do tell, does Killing a sentient living being.  That leaves behind grieving family members.  Promoting respect for life?  The act of killing is completely contradictory to respect for life. ) 
  • We are conservationists… wildlife needs to be managed. (And here I argue.  That if human beings did not go out and hunt animals.  There would be no need for conservation efforts, the money put into such efforts or managing wildlife populations.  For without man's interference, nature takes care of itself.)

Therefore I propose, that man no longer needs to manage wildlife.  And that we Ban Hunting all together.  There are so many Hobbies and recreational activities a person can take in the outdoors. That Killing another living being need not be considered a part of such activities.  There is skiing, sledding, ice skating, ice hockey, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding, camping, and I could go on and on….

That to ban hunting would not even hurt the economy for all the other activities would cover any possible loss in purchasing.  Guns and bow and arrows, could still be used for target shooting or skeet shooting.  No killing necessary. 

To allow this to continue in our society, teaches our children, that killing a living being can be looked upon as a sport.  And that in my opinion, teaches them to devalue life.  We live in the 21st century and it is time now, to stop allowing hunters / sportsmen's clubs to rule what is and is not acceptable in our society.


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