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Hold The Line: Defend Ohio’s Energy Future

Because California is building a huge solar energy generation facility in the Mojave Desert and I'm tired of always having to follow their lead. Now that I've lightened the mood a bit here's the real reason: President Carter started our country on the path to reducing our energy consumption and exploring alternative/renewable energy sources way back in l977. Then President/Actor Reagan came along and, as with far too many conservatives, set us back to the point where we have now lost 36 years of research and progress toward improving our environment and our energy sources. Once again we are finding the very same small thinking coming from our current conservative Ohio politicians. Oh, when will they ever learn...when will they ever learn?

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Steve Baker

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Hold The Line: Defend Ohio’s Energy Future

When I was 17 in the summer of 1972, between my junior and senior high school years I was hitchhiking fron Los Angeles to Eugene Orogon. I don't remember the exact location somewhere on highway 1 in northern California, I remember looking at all the huge redwoods along the sides of the highway up along an embankment. My ride dropped me off on the road along the trees which seemed like they went on for miles and miles. I needed to relieve myself so I walked into the lush redwood forest, after a few feet I took care of my busness. I was so impressed with these beautiful trees that I continued to walk up the thirty foot embankment to look at what must be a huge forrest as long as I could see of these amazing giant redwoods. Upon reaching the end of the slope that ran for mile along highway 1, I stepped around the final tree and began gazing for miles in every direction, my heart fell into my stomach causing me to throw-up as I was in total shock tears began running down over my cheeks and onto the ground, I thought to myself how could this be allowed to happen. I opened my eyes again what lay before me for as far as my eye's could see was a brown moon scape, not one tree, not one busche or blade of grass was to be seen. They had slaughted every living thing except the 15 foot of trees along the sides of highway 1 for miles and miles. It was pure murder which had to be kept secret from the public passing by in their cars. I began to truly hate for the first time the people who did this for a few bucks, killing 3000 year old redwoods, along with every other living tree and plants. These people were probably unemployed a year latter after destroying what must have been one of the biggest forrest left, shame on them.

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