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Wisconsin DNR Kills Giggles the Baby Deer in a SWAT like raid of Animal shelter 

I think the story is dying down... in the media.... we cannot let that happen!!! here is a list of all radio stations in Wisconsin.... we should contact and send them the links to articles and videos.... keep this going... I think each person should do this in their own states, so we spread it out... 

Via Jayne Cvetanoski


PETITION: please sign and share:  http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/kenosha-county-officials-conduct-an-investigation-into-the-killing-of-baby-deer-giggles

CONTACT MEDIA TO KEEP THIS IN THE NEWS! Give them the links to the stories and to the video of the 1st report via Wisc 12 News

 - Video Link:  http://youtu.be/pnXQ4CiJpoM

 - Story Link:  http://blog.heritage.org/2013/08/06/zero-dark-giggles-baby-deer-gets-the-swat-team-treatment/

Contact as many radio stations, newspapers, and tv stations as you can and tell them about the story, giving them the 2 links above.

RADIO STATIONS LIST: http://www.usnpl.com/radio/wiradio.php

WISCONSIN PAPERS LIST: http://www.usnpl.com/winews.php

WISCONSIN TV STATIONS:  http://www.usnpl.com/tv/witv.php

TWITTER FEEDS:  https://twitter.com/abc

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