this matters because I care about our planet and our health . we know more now than when we did when these products were developed. Let's use what we know to improve not be complacent, which is what seems to be the norm verses other countries that do not tolerate poisons in their food products.

For all the right reasons......I certainly share this concern!!! It's all about the money! Who cares who gets ill etc. ? The bottom dollar says it all!!

All are living for living ! but die once the body deteriorate but using unwanted and unnecessary things which reduce our life span. plastic is very much avoidable ! HYDROCARBON and associated products lines have to be restricted by production and consumption ! some times the deposits may…Read More

I want all the world to contribute to keeping our future generations healthy and safe!

Nothing is irreplaceable, it's just a question of priorities and Health should be very high on our collective list.

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