In addition to saving the tuna, let's save the dolphins! Mahalo, Jeanne Russell, Dolphin Whisperer

If we dont protect our Oceans now, our children and grand Children will have nothing to see in our will be a dead pond and without this vital ecosystem, life on earth cannot exist. Most of our earths oxygen comes from the dies, we die....that simple

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The Blue fin is under most threat from sold in Hong Kong auction for over a million dollars....for a fish...this entire delicate ocean balance is under threat and must be done to protect species under threat. The Ocean is a delicate food chain, if one collapses, we have no data…Read More

Time to take responsibility for our action.

This has nothing to do with Global Warming.

We all love to eat Bluefin Tuna, we all love to fish and catch Bluefin Tuna.

Unfortunately there are too many of us and too few of them left. We have a choose reduce human kind or protect the Bluefin…Read More

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