Every year thousands of tons of Bluefin Tuna are taken from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The set quota for Bluefin Tuna is 29,000 tons. This quota was set by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna). Tuna scientists recommend that the quota should be lowered to 15,000 tons to slow the decline of the Bluefin Tuna stocks but if the Bluefin Tuna are to even have a chance at coming back they say that the quota has to be lowered to no more than 10,000 tons. So how many tons are caught each year? The answer is no less than 61,000 tons…twice the legal quota set by ICCAT. So what exactly does this mean? For every five fish caught, at least one has been caught illegally. With statistics like these a lot of people believe that global collapse of the fish stocks is only years away and they are right. If the scale of global fishing is allowed to be sustained then all of the major fish species in the world's oceans today will be extinct by 2048. But it is not too late to stop this from happening. If 100,000 people from the around the world sign this petition and ICCAT, the EU, and the UN sees this then they will have no choice but to lower the set quota to a sustainable amount and then enforce this quota. This is it. The voice of the people is the only thing that will save the oceans now. So please sign and share this important petition.

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