Going plastic-free when purchasing back-to-school supplies can be tricky. Pledge to go plastic-free, as much as possible and read these tips for reducing your plastic footprint while back-to-school shopping:

1. Revamp old supplies - Does a folder just need a bit of repair? Is that pencil pouch in need of a patch? Repairing old school supplies, and revamping their look, can be a fun project and help you save money on supplies.

2. Shop at smaller stores - Big Box stores concentrate on providing as much cheap, plastic junk they can fit on shelves. Try shopping at local, smaller stores like print shops, boutiques, small book stores, thrift stores, etc. They have a lot of specific items that you won't find at giant chain stores, they sell classic items, and usually sell more quality stuff (i.e. stuff NOT made of excessive plastic.)

3. DIY - Some things need to be bought, and others need a little creativity. Search Etsy and Pinterest to find DIY school/office supplies. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be. By the way, reusable, plastic-free sandwich bags are pretty cool and easy to make!

Stop Plastic Pollution!

-Plastic Pollution Coalition


Need more plastic-reducing school supplies ideas? www.plasticantidote.com

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