Capitalists should not exploit the national interest of the rights of others to the share the countries resources.

The water is given to the Earth and to all creatures who live on this earth: to the plants, to the animals and to the humans. Nobody needed to produce the water, so nobody should sell it and nobody should have the necessity to bye it. Water doesn´t belong to nobody and everybody can use it for…Read More

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The CEO of Nestle believes we should all be paying for his bottled water.

I hate to point out to Nestle that in South Africa access to clean water is a basic human right as enshrined in our Constitution. I am at a loss as to why people still buy bottled water-it requires litres and litres of…Read More

Was aghast at the audacity of Nestle saying water as a right needs to be revued next thing they going to privatise Oxygen...the greed and evil in the hearts of these people makes one wonder if they really are human. Its like they from another planet they here disguised as one of us but here to kill…Read More

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