Health Tips

If you have been working as a Call Center Agent/Employee., then this will be for you, especially  if you work on rotational or even night shifts.1.  EAT RIGHT: What you take in or consume matters on how your productivity is, so have a good meal to keep u healthy and fit which will enable you to be able to stay awake and enthusiastic all night. Usually skipping meals will make you dizzy and nauseated and cause you not to be able to concentrate on your calls.2.  DRINK LOTS OF FRESH FRUIT JUICE: Service providers need that extra care for their thought and voice because only then you will be able to really clarify and give your support to the customers concerns.3.  GET ENOUGH SLEEP: This is the most important thing that call center agents don’t usually do. By not getting enough sleep, they go to work very weak and tired. They fall asleep while taking calls. Not only will they be scolded by their supervisors, but they end up not being productive with their day  4.   EXERCISE: Being fit is very crucial in being concerned on your job. If you are sickly, you tend to make a lot of absences, which leads to termination, which leads to no money again. Intern you tend to lose Health and Wealth. 5. FRIENDS:  Nothing makes you more lively and excited in going to work center than getting together again with coworkers at work. 6. NOT TOO MUCH: I guess telling people not to smoke or drink coffee at work would make me a hypocrite, fact remains , drinking coffee and smoking is a big help in keeping you awake at work, but having too much is a different story. 7. UNWIND REFRESHMENT: Working is good, but working too much is not. Having fun and going out with friends, keeps you healthy in ways you’re able to balance your life with work and play. Working is good, but working too much is not Well these are just the basic guidelines as to live a healthy lifestyle even in your busy schedule. Because after all "Health is Wealth" 

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