People that are cruel to animals should be jailed.

I have been volunteering at a dog rescue for over two years. Primarily putbulls. I have three of my own. The hell that this breed goes thru is horrid. Breaks my heart. I receive unconditional love from all of them. People are the worse animal on this planet

I think animals are precious gifts who live to give unconditional love to their human families. They are innocent and pure of heart.

Anyone that neglects, abuses or tortures a helpless, vulnerable creature is truly evil. Anyone who can inflict pain on a living , feeling creature and deriveā€¦Read More

Because dogs are innocent loving creatures of our Heavenly Father and deserve our love and care. They give back one hundred per cent with their love and devotion .

Because I think all animal should be treated with love and taken care of for the Lord God But them here,

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