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Find Justice For Puppy Doe Kiya

COME ON EVERYONE! PLEASE KEEP SHARING PUPPY DOE'S - KIYA'S PICTURE. We've got some animal abusers to FLUSH out!! Puppy Doe' Becomes A Catalyst To Find Demonic Animal Abuser In Quincy. September 23, 2013 Puppy Doe suffered so much in her short little life. The brown and white pitbull, who was offered for free on Craigslist, was found in Quincy, Massachusetts half-dead. The poor dog, who suffered some of the worst abuse animal rescue workers have ever seen, sadly could not be saved. With injuries that included broken bones, a split tongue, burn marks and stab wounds, the frail dog had to be euthanized. "They're a freak, a total freak," Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore said. She performed an autopsy on the dog and was shocked by the level of abuse. "Splitting her tongue, burning her nose, stabbing her eye, it's the totality of the types of injuries. Not only was she beaten, she was stabbed [and] she was burned. It's all kinds of injures. It's a sick mind that can do this to an animal." “We want to see those persons punished for this crime,” according to a statement on the Facebook group’s page. “Help find the torturers of Puppy Doe,” Please read and share the new story. Link:

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Find Justice For Puppy Doe Kiya

Because I live in an area highly populated by our military folks, I found that many of our comrade in arms were forced to place their animals "somewhere" when deployed. Why they didn't think about this prior to "buying" an animal, or "adopting" an animal, I will never understand. But the fact remained, they didn't have anywhere to take their animals. No kill shelters in our areas were full, or had a waiting list. They didn't feel right about "kill" shelters (supposedly so). They didn't feel right about releasing them in to the streets. They do have hearts and did care for their animals. So what was their options? They could place an ad in the newspaper, couldn't they? That would cost them money. They don't have a lot of money. Would the military help them place their animals until they came back? No, the government doesn't care about animals! Thank goodness, there is now a program coming in to place, but at this time, it is not fully functional and not throughout the US. So, what do these panicky people do? They hadn't thought this through. All they knew was they had to get going. Hey, why not "Craig's List"? Let's just slap them on "the list". Craig's List has no rules. We can put "Snuffy" on the list for FREE! No restrictions. And, so they did. They didn't realize that Craig's List was the place that predators went to "hunt"! Hunt for their prey. Prey that they could snatch up and ABUSE! Prey that they could snatch up and use as BAIT! Bait for their illegal dog FIGHTS! Now, we find baby Kia. She was slapped on the list...for FREE! For free. A sweet puppy slapped on a list for free. No one cared and she was snapped up and....YES, ABUSED TO NOTHINGNESS. I cannot read through the autopsy report without vomiting or tearing up or running to the paws of my animals. People, if you can read it without throwing up, then you are not REAL. Get real and sign this petition and find these demons that did this to this puppy. Find them, prosecute them and stop allowing people to put animals on CRAIG'S LIST. At least refrain from using Craig's List until they stop letting people put their so-called FAMILY PETS on the list. It's disgusting, it's sick and it just degrades our dignity as human beings. Thank you.

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