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This is a thread discussing an (anonymous) interview with a person who holds a rent-controlled apartment, rents it out on AirBnB at a huge…Read More

Saved Money Renting Out His San Francisco Apartment, and Used The Money to Buy a House : sanfrancisco

I do nearly the same thing as the man in this article, and it's been the raddest experience ever. First of all, I bring in a team of people to clean my house from top to bottom each time, including all bedding, which if any of you remember the expose a few years ago about the hotel industry, is far more than they're doing. I only use…Read More

MIT did a study on Rent Control. They found housing investment in Cambridge, MA increased by 20% after rent control was lifted.

Rent Control and Housing Investment: Evidence from Deregulation in Cambridge, Massachusetts - - NMHC - National Multi Housing Council

Would ending rent control in New York City lead to a significant increase in housing quality for the nation’s largest city? According to a new study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) housing economist Henry Pollakowski, the answer is yes. The recently released study–the latest addition to a growing body of economic literature about…Read More

"Wait, $80,000 is the middle class now?" Interesting perspective from Mayor Ed Lee on the causes of the housing crisis and whether people…Read More

The Man in the Middle of San Francisco's Class Crisis

Bloomberg via Getty ImagesMayor Ed Lee pictured at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. These should be good times for San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. The city’s unemployment rate is 4.8%, the median household income has swollen to $73,000 and construction cranes crowd the sky, building…Read More
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