I want our creatures to live and not be hunted and killed so money hungry idiots can make trinkets. I want my great grandkids to be able to enjoy the beautiful wildlife of Africa. STOP THE MURDER!

We need to stay out of other countries just for game. This is ridiculous, these people are sick! No shame!

Stop any kind of Safari hunting in Africa


Stop any kind of Safari hunting in Africa

Safari hunting is cruel, unnecessary and places numerous species in great danger of extinction. It must be stopped once and for all. Please end it NOW !!!

Our beautiful Rhino are being wiped out by the selfishness of some Oriental Old Men who think the rhinos horn will enrich their witherd wee willies, but a rhino horn is only made up of dead tissue same as your nails and skin, so why don't they just chew their own nails - same effect namely Zero. …Read More

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