These are my grand children taken from my daughter in Collin county Texas they will not allow anyone in the family to get them I am poor…Read More

Stop "Re-homing"!

This campaign has my support because it is important that "Re-homing" be considered carefully. Children sometimes are placed in worse situations for that.

I think that the natural parents cold be supported and guided into caring for their children. No matter how we are treated as children…Read More

It is important to help single mothers to get educated and far way from any and all government assistance. The benefit is only short term, but many ways this system is very flawed when it come to health care. Being honest does not always help gain what you need, because the people in charge are…Read More

Every child need a family, a mother and a father who make him a man. The loss of economic disponibility is not a reason to separate him by family for american people has had history of poverty, and alls are growth and became men, men of valor, also. On past loss of means was evident and by past we…Read More

Children are the main victims of nonsense that adults do immature people. It should help mature people who love them. I love them and want to help them. Fortunately there are many people who help children. Statesmen that can help most, but most of them to ruin.

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