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Stop "Re Homing"!

I want to stop re-homing because every child traded away in this way will suffer the effects forever. no child deserves to be traded away to people who have no business having kids. If you adopt a child, that child is your child, just as much as my bio children are mine. you are responsible for that child forever...not just when its convenient and maybe changing the laws will help stop this horrible trend.

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DavidMinton Silva

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Stop "Re Homing"!

I mostly here the bad stories and before I retired as a welfare worker I heard plenty of nightmares. For one thing the conditions under whioch the childrenb are being seized is far to flimsy for the type of thing they believe they are avoiding and in fact cost the state more money and create a cycle of greater and great mis/ab/use of the child. Knock it off! Child Protective mu ass!

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