Have you ever imagined being pierced apart  in an explosion while just roaming  through the crossroads of the city? This may be the worst tragedy one can imagine to happen to one’s  self.Unfortunately this is the most common form of disaster that have  been happening to citizens since long time  .The ‘ism’ of terror has spread  to an extent to be the  incurable disease of humanity.   Anything which violates order is nothing but 'terror'.We can find this phenomenon even in our daily encounters as minor forms  of terrorism.So ‘terrorism’ may  not be a superficial phenomenon- but an evil with deep roots in  instilled fears and  on the effects of incorrect  individual behavior .Those who resort to minor forms of terrorism   often underestimate the ill effects of their act.They may fail to understand the depth of the  negative impact of their method.Though this may produce temporary results , it can harm long term relationships. Also there can be a genetic propensity  to this sort of ‘terrorist behavior’‘Terror ‘ is contagious and so is the urge for the terrorists to do crime.Isolation and prevention are possible  solutions for any contagious disease. In-order to prevent this from contaminating more minds , the problem should be precisely analysed. The criminals should be punished according to their crimes . But to really halt the phenomenon, the society needs to address it in the grass root level. 

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