This campaign, and the risk of youth goes beyond homelessness. The Door, a non-profit organization can provide a numerous amount of services for all youth, regardless of their age or background. All is welcome. That is why I support The Door.

Here is a list of what they do everyday for the young adults of New York City:

College Advisement & Tutoring The Talent Search program provides the support and guidance you need to make your way to high school graduation, college and beyond.

Counseling Counselors are here to listen and help with a range of issues, including anger management, crisis intervention, gender identity, and much more.

Creative Arts Regularly scheduled, free creative arts classes include a range of performing and visual arts, music and dance.

English Language (ESOL) The Door offers a flexible schedule of classes for young people who would like to learn English.

Foster Care If you are in foster care, The Door can provide the additional support you may need to reach your goals.

GED The Door offers a variety of programs to help you get your GED and move on to a career, college or a vocational/training program.

Health & Dental Services The Adolescent Health Center (AHC) offers comprehensive health and dental services to all Door members, regardless of ability to pay.

Jobs & Internships Jobs & Internships programs give you the chance to explore different career paths and gain skills to help you find the right job and keep it.

Leadership The Door offers a range of opportunities to learn key leadership skills that will help you in school, work and everyday life.

Legal & Immigration Services The Legal Services Center provides different kinds of legal counsel, including support for immigrant youth. Services are offered in English, Spanish, Mandarin and French.

LGBTQ The Door provides a range of programs geared towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ) members.

Recreation Games, workshops, and fitness and performance opportunities are offered on a daily basis.

Runaway and Homeless Youth If you are homeless or have run away from home, The Door can help you find essentials like food, clothing and shelter, as well as help with your specific needs. Sexual Health & Birth Control The Adolescent Health Center (AHC) offers a comprehensive list of services to meet your sexual health and birth control needs.

Supportive Housing In December of 2010, in partnership with

Common Ground, The Door opened The Lee, a supportive housing building located on the Lower East Side.  The Lee currently houses 55 young people living in their own apartments, often for the first time.

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