lire le livre "Angela mon amour" dont je ne me souviens pas l'auteur. C'est au grand nord canadien qu'un scientifique est envoyé à sa demande pour prouver que ce ne sont pas les loups qui détruisent les troupeaux, il doit vérifier la composition des excréments des loups pour voir ce qu'ils mangent.…Read More

Someone needs to be a voice for these innocent creatures. They are soul mates, and deserve to be loved and respected.

We can't saved puppy doe, and i crie for her

these horror must be stop

the monstes vho do that must be punished by low
excuse my english I'm french

Hi. I hope the tougher law's will pass. I am a former worker from our local animal shelter. I worked and vol. there for almost 19 year's. I have been involved as a worker with the Humane Officer's at our shelter. I use to go out on the cruelty call's and help remove the abused animal's. There are…Read More

This is a great cause worthy of support!!!

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