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Pass National Tough Anti Cruelty Law On Animal Abusers

Animals are not just a piece of property as the law says. Animals have feelings and suffer just as people do. That has been scientifically proven. But they cannot get on the phone or ask for help. They depend on us humans, who are supposed to be compassionate and loving, but there are many sick people out there who seem to think they need to control something. Since they can do horrible things to pets, they take it our on these innocent pets who are totally defenseless. Do you all realize what dog spells backward- GOD. . This was not mistake. If a person did this to a baby, they would be sent away for ever. A dog is the same as a baby. It is the owners who can make a dog aggressive or good. NO dog is born mean. and NO DOG OR ANIMAL EVER DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE YESTERDAY'S GARBAGE. IN 1948, CONGRESS WROTE, ANY PERSON WHO CAN BEAT AN ANIMAL WILL BECOME A HUMAN ABUSER. THEN THESE PEOPLE WHO ABUSE ANIMALS GET A "SLAP" ON THE WRIST AND SET FREE TO DO IT AGAIN. WE NEED TO STOP THIS NONSENSE ONCE AND FOR ALL. It is sick , All these dogs want is a home, food and will give UNCONDITIONAL FOREVER. It's more than humans can do!

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