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Andrés Rodriguez
Andrés Rodriguez Campaign leader

DNAInfo on Moore Street.

Record Shops' 'Illegal' Music Angers New Moore Street Neighbors - East Williamsburg - DNAinfo.com New York

Manny Rivera stood in his store, Johnny Albino Record Shop, which has received noise complaints from new neighbors. He said he was not playing the music too loud. DNAinfo/Meredith Hoffman Owners of the two shops San German Records and Johnny Albino Record Shop, both nearly 40 years old, defended their right to play music outside and said…Read More
Andrés Rodriguez
Andrés Rodriguez Campaign leader

New York Daily News on Moore Street.

Longtime residents battle with newcomers to noisy Moore St. in East Williamsburg  

NY Daily News
Simone Weichselbaum for New York Daily News The intersection of Moore St. and Graham Ave. in Williamsburg is home to decades-old Latino record stores and other businesses. AN East Williamsburg street — lined with some of the city’s oldest Puerto Rican music shops — is the center of a turf battle between longtime residents and peevish…Read More

Los rostros de Moore

Bring the music back to Moore Street. Queremos nuestra musica en Moore Street | causes.com

Once known for its liveliness, Moore Street has been subject to the banning of it's music, consequently, it's history and culture. Diversity flooded the streets seeking a Latin American experience as one would seek in Chinatown an Asian experience or little Italy for an Italian memory. Moore Street's music vendors created a peaceful and festive…Read More
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