No one should be allowed to sadistically abuse an animal or child. They are innocent victims. Anyone that would do what has been done to puppy Doe should be given the most serious sentence possible. We can not let this predator go. Children are next on his list. It always starts with animals. If…Read More

Because abuse of any kind and especially of this degree and sickness should never be is absolutely heartbreaking!!

Evil in all forms MUST be stopped and eliminated!!!! What happened to this innocent puppy was pure EVIL and an unimaginable, nightmarish Hell for her!!!! Whoever did this is a murderer and probably a serial killer or one in the making!!!! No one should suffer like "Puppy Doe" did EXCEPT those who…Read More

Please sign and get some attention for this poor pup!

Please sign this so the Boston police continue to find and prosecute the abuser.

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