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Candice Lewis

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Get Justice For Kiya "Puppy Doe"

I actualy could not sleep an entire night knowing the "HORRIFIC" torture this poor animal lived through. What kind of ......."human"? To even think of such torture? Then to make an innocent living being endure hour after hour(maybe days or weeks) of endless,unthinkable, "TORTURE"!! Whoever did this needs to be found and locked up! Not to mention what " I think" should happenen to that POS. Please take a min.and sign, after all this poor soul endured,if you have any heart.............PLEASE?

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Stephanie Donato

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Get Justice For Kiya "Puppy Doe"

I don't know how anyone can read Kiya's story and not be moved to take action. I have cried for Kiya, prayed for Kiya, and I know that some day justice will prevail for our Almighty God is just and righteous. The sick human that did this to Kiya has probably already hurt a child or adult and is not beyond murder. Anyone that could hurt a sweet puppy dog like this is a waste and I would not hesitate to hurt you or me. They sick, cruel, and they deserve what's coming to them, pure torture in Hell with Satan. Enjoy you piece of shit as Kiya shines brightly as an angel in Heaven! Justice will be served Angel I promise you! Rest in peace sweet baby. Meet you in Heaven.....

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