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Karen Rivelli

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Tell Congress To Suspend Bee Toxic Pesticides

This is a very important issue without Bees there will be no pollenation which is essential of all plants around this pollenation guess what no food .....think about no vegetation growth, the ability to grow as we know now will be forever lost and then the trickle effect happens, no feed for cattle or animals let alone humans, that would possibly gives us 4 years before destruction of a planet turned void...please stop this, a simple bee may sound off the chart but do research and you'll agree with me how very much they are needed.

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Ray Cohn

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Tell Congress To Suspend Bee Toxic Pesticides

Because bees produce honey and it is an important food. Also these toxic elements are NOT NEEDED. It might be a little more expensive for these mega farmers -- who get all kind of subsidies from Uncle Sam, mostly not to grow crops. This at a time when hunger in the world -- and even in the USA -- is still a big problem. JFK was shocked when he saw it in Kentucky and West Virginia. Yet 50 years after his death we still see it. But Republicans are blocking everything in Congress just because they want to destroy anyything President Barack Obama accomplished -- including THEIR HEALTH PLAN -- their "ALTERNATIVE (to President Bill Clinton's) HILLARYCARE." They would rather the American people have no universal ehalthcare rather than let an African American president THEY HATE get credit for enacting major healthcare reform. I know I deviated from the immediate issue at hand. But not really because Republicans -- especially the Tea PartyGOPgoons who hold their party hostage -- will automatically oppose anything President Obama is for. It's essential to them that he not succeed. They would rather F the country. Obama must be destroyed at all cost and as a retired political, government and investigative reporter for over 20 years in Kentucky -- 14 for a former Knight-Ridder paper now owned by McClatchy -- I am determined to FIGHT BACK. Please help our cause. We can't succeed without people like you. Please help and get your friends to do likewise.

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Peter Von Zur Muehlen

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Tell Congress To Suspend Bee Toxic Pesticides

Obviously, there is a problem with the bees and obviously that is a major threat to the well being of everyone. We need to take whatever steps are needed to stop the mass deaths of bees. The massive over use of pesticides and herbicides and reckless creation of GE crops is doing damage to the environment and the health of people. We must find a better way.

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