This is a story that matters because we're killing all our honeybees, and when they all die guess how far behind them we'll be?!? Honeybees pollinate the food we eat, with no honeybees we better learn how to self pollinate VERY QUICKLY!! And even that wouldn't be enough to pollinate all the…Read More

Tell Lowe’s to Drop Bee-Toxic "Neonic" Pesticides

Tell Lowe’s to Drop Bee-Toxic "Neonic" Pesticides

“Your voice will make a difference. Sign the petition.”

Sign the Petition to Home Depot CEO Frank Blake and Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock

Bees are essential for one out of every three bites of food we eat. But they are being wiped out by the indiscriminant use of bee-toxic pesticides called…Read More

Bees to me are simply more important than having too many people of whom most don't even know what KARMA is or means !

Let us all return to a better Bio-diversity with flowers and bees!!!

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