I'm a big supporter of a plant that, not only, hasn't hurt or killed anyone. It has been proven to help with pain and will cure certain ailments.

If u take a look at Washington, or say, Colorado, where its legal..the crime rates gone down. They tax the hell out of it (20% I believe, would rather…Read More

Cigarettes kill people. Tobacco companies add alot of harmful chemicals to them, thus making them even worse. Alcohol kills people, even innocent ones. I have never heard of anyone dying due to marijuana. In my opinion, marijuana should be as legal as cigarettes and alcohol are today, and…Read More

Back in 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. To make a long story short, I used to weight 158 lbs. During my chemotherapy & radiation treatments for 6 months, l went down to 98 lbs. I couldn't eat or smell any type of food because of my constant vomiting. I was hospitalized four times…Read More

I had a terrible drinking problem and haven't had one for 23 years. I never have the desire, due to the fact that if I would like to occasionally feel a little happy, smoking a small amount of pot really helps keep me on the right track. I had to give up AA as it is a program about honesty, and I…Read More

Old medicinal bottle. Before marijuana was demonized.

legalize Marijuana
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