Marijuana has helped my husband with his epilepsy. It keeps him from having alot seizures. I also use it because it helps me sleep through the night instead of waking up every two hours and prescription medications made me feel horrible when I woke up and over the counter meds. make me feel like I…Read More

Its our freedom to choose what's good for us, what we prefer. This is our medicine. Natural cure. Herbal relief. Remember that its not the plant that commits the crime, its the person. Its unfair to put the blame on a plant that only wants to help you realize that you live in a fucked up society…Read More

I live with pain from a failed back surgery, and would much prefer using marijuana to manage chronic pain instead of oxycodone!!

We legalize alcohol and it kills people daily, but we allow it. Marijuana is not killing anybody and is help to those that are ill. Are prisons are overcrowded and it is a waste on our system. Legalize Marijuana!

Shanice George
Shanice George Campaign leader

I have friends who have diseases and cancer that it can help with.