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Michael Tether

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Legalize Marijuana

Enough is enough. Marijuana hurts less people than alcohol and has no withdrawal symptoms, no hangovers and kills less people, in fact no people. It's time it was made legal countrywide. The revenue in taxes would raise funds for the government and bail our country out of it's debt in just a few years. And setting an age limit on it's use would ensure that it is only used by responsible adults. Marijuana is a harmless substance that does less damage to the lungs than cigarettes, which are legal just like alcohol. It's a shame that with all the alcoholism in this country that alcohol is legal for recreational use and marijuana remains solely legal for those who have a prescription, and that's only in a few states. I stand up for the right for people to put whatever they want in their bodies. Using marijuana doesn't doom the user to a life of experimental drug use. Only people who want to use hard drugs use hard drugs, there is no gateway. Some people who find themselves dependent on alcohol could use marijuana and free themselves from the bitter hand of dependence. Plus the industry will bring with it salvation to hard drug addicts who will finally have a way to cut loose without worrying about having drugs cut with god knows what and with varied quality. Plus so much can be made with marijuana; hash, keef, hash oil, edibles as simple as brownies or as elaborate as fetuccini alfredo, bubble hash as well as clothing and paper and so much else. We're almost there, we just need to rally the country to come out of the woodwork and stand united, we need to vote for officials that support marijuana legislation.

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Luc Lamarche

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Legalize Marijuana

Myself and my partner have been diagnose Doug with chronic pain diabetic nerve pain ,myself with early MS both HIV positive with many complication.We both lost partners to AIDS .My friend that pass away 20 years ago from AIDS got great relief from smoking weed.It reduce by 50 per cent his stress level, his appetite was their till a few days before of his passing he also was able to have a descent night sleep and all because of weed .The stress back then having to break the law still exist today. For many people who would benefit from weed cant even get a family Doctor,so what do they do? they have to break the law it creates stress and stress for someone already sick is not what a Dr prescribes .Myself and my friend have a permit to smoke medical weed and wish that every one for whom it would benefit could do so without breaking the law .I was in their shoes 3 years ago I lived with a constant stress it s not fun,And by the way your tax money could be use for our health care or education instead of courts fees and in lots of those case are young adult with low income jobs so we the Gov slash legal aid will land up pay for it.We know its coming soon they built mega pot growing operation costing lots of money i dont think its just for the few that will be paying 7. 8, 9 dollars a gram that is double what the organize crime charge a gram .I ask you who is the organize crime here?Its the one selling you medical weed 8,9,10 dollars a gram they take advantage of a very delicate situation they got us by the balls excuse the expression,but to charge a AIDS or Cancer or MS or anyone with a illness that amount of money is just plain crazy it could cost thousand a month for his or hers prescription.Last year a was aloud to grow for myself and for Doug now we have to by their weed at 8,9,10 dollars a gram . I could go on and on i have so much to say on the subject but i dont want to bored you and beside its medical mariwana time hehe

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