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Rep. Jared Polis guesstimates how many members of Congress use marijuana, suggesting, "they're actually pretty normal."

How Many Members of Congress Use Marijuana?
Congress is probably the most likely place to harsh your mellow, but could some lawmakers be regular weed users? Colorado Democrat Jared Polis, one of the leading advocates for federal marijuana legalization, estimates a handful of his colleagues use marijuana. "I don't think more than five or 10 I would guess," he said at a National…Read More
Eli Bocjub
Eli Bocjub Campaign leader

Legalizing marijuana would add 20.9 billion dollars to the economy. How are politicians still saying no to this?


Check it out! This map is from 2012, when numerous states were considering decriminalization laws! Let's make Florida a leader in the…Read More

Eli Bocjub
Eli Bocjub Campaign leader

Sharing stories and data on the benefits of medical marijuana is working. Legalization is the lead with eight months to go until the vote!

New poll shows medical marijuana amendment in great shape in Florida | Sunshine State News

A poll from the University of North Florida (UNF) released on Monday shows a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana that Floridians will vote on in November has an excellent chance of passing. The poll shows 74 percent of registered voters plan to support the amendment while 22 percent say they plan to vote against it.…Read More
Eli Zucker
Eli Zucker Campaign leader

This lobbyist's son died from leukemia two years ago. Now, he's advocating to legalize Charlotte's web to help other families.

Medical marijuana bill gets personal for lobbyist

Tallahassee Democrat
Lobbyist Ron Watson has worked for doctors and dentists for the past two decades. But starting Monday, he went on a mission. Watson left the Florida Dental Association and started a one-man shop with the association as his sole client so that he could advocate for �Charlotte�s Web,� a strain of medical marijuana that backers believe can…Read More
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