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Kev Cam

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This campaign is very important to me because in 2009 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. And ever since then I've studied and did research on this sickness till I found out that marijuana is one of the main "natural" medicines I could take for my sickness which takes away the pharmaceutical(Meds) I take. This is very personal and serious and i need people to act on this as quick as they receive the message, so with that said thank you in advance to anyone that helps out with the campaign and all my fellow and future supporters. -Kevin

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Montyjoe Walsh

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My brother died of a brain tumers, that was the hardest thing to watch him go through the kemo .why should people not be aloud to medicate wit herb.its a no brainier ,the real reason they don't want to legalize herb ( Ganja) wat ever name u want to use. Is because they would also have to legalize the hemp plant. That would take money out of the pockets of the corpratocriy .with hemp u can make so many natural big one is paper you can make hemp paper .no more raping our forest clear cutting all the trees.huh that would be a great start .

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Michael G. Gerry

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Iam in pain and the pain pills I have to pay for just will not do the job, I have to go to a Pain Management Doctor once a month and that costs me another $75.00 a month for him to write me a script.. Total Bull Sh-t run by the DEA and Florida legislature !! Funny how people who have no pain issues tell me what I can do and cann't do. To hell with them ALL !! I was run over from behind at a red light waiting for the green light. She never even hit her brakes a plowed into the back of me. I have a double whip lash and destroyed my lower back for the rest of my life. Its been 5 years and sick of other people controlling my life !! Please take a GOOD [email protected]@K at this issue and tell these dumb ass SOB's running our life what you think by voting for "Make up your OWN MIND how to treat your own body" !! TY Michael G

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Samantha Nicole G

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The Reason Why I think that You Should Support this Campaign is because We Really Need To Get Medical Marijuana On The Voters Ballots & Legalized Sooner & Faster ASAP In Florida, AND To Get Medical Marijuana Legalized Sooner Than The Date They Set For It! So we can all come together, SIGN PETITIONS and get medical marijuana legalized in Florida As Soon As Possible!! It has already been Legalized in other states, why isn't it Legal in Florida yet? What's the problem?? So, that is Why we should all stick together and Get Medical Marijuana Legalized In Florida ASAP!! Thank You All for taking your time, reading this and I Hope Everyone Has A Great Night! Thanks again!

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