Gayle , thank you so much for signing my wildlife cause support . As the owner of two loving creatures from the wild , I can tell you just what magnificently beautiful animals the wolves are . Thor and Odin thank you as well . These creatures need protection , not only for in the wild and its…Read More

The number of children people may have should be limited to reduce over population of the world.

We need our wolf population and they need to be protected. Thank you everyone.

How many times as a Nation are we going to play with the extinction of this poor animal. Please sign and share.

This campaign is trying to stop the Wolf Delisting Proposals. 5 states already have it in place and now they want the other 48 lower states to join in, it will be the end of the American Wolf....why? why try and hunt and kill one of nature's creatures? There are no wolves in every state of the USA,…Read More

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