The ignorance in this world needs to be combated with some thing. I hate to see these innocent animals who are so important to our ecosystems poached and exploited. It sickens me. We have only just begun and we need to help as much as we can, they need our voice, for they are the silent sufferers.

Please give this a min. a read and sign. It is real important to all of us.

Wildlife should remain wild, protected and respected......they are God's creatures too and have just as much right to live their lives happy and free as most humans are able to........

As a Michigan resident, I am truly disgusted with the decisions made by our elected (need-to-be ejected) officials with all this wolf hunting legislation they voted on and got the governor to sign into law! For real people, wolves do NOT deserve to be forced into extinction! Is it really too much…Read More

Wolves are given a bad rep but they rarely attack humans. They are over hunted and under-protected.

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