for the poor innocent animals that dont have a voice and to punish people who are cruel to them.

Any person, who plots, preplans & dwells on, spending time thinking, just how, they wish to torture/cause pain & suffering, wound & inflict injury - especially not on "someone their own size", but a creature smaller, innocent and a person with an EVIL running so deep,…Read More

I hate the fact that humans think that animals and/or children are a commodity and are there for humans use and abuse when it suits them that is not right there all innocent and Vulnerable someone has to stand up for them. But I don't think sending him to jail will change his ways people like that…Read More

Animal cruelty makes my blood boil! The poor animals cannot speak fir themselves! Dogs give unconditional love! it is unacceptable!!! Plus, if this guy does this to animals, next is humans! And, if he isn't put away, what will keep him from repeating his behavior! We've got to stop…Read More

This matters because torturing animals is a step towards torturing or killing people. It matters because we are the only voice that they have and they deserve a voice. It matters because it is WRONG to hurt them. It is WRONG to think that you have that power & then to use it. It is wrong…Read More

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