This matters because torturing animals is a step towards torturing or killing people. It matters because we are the only voice that they have and they deserve a voice. It matters because it is WRONG to hurt them. It is WRONG to think that you have that power & then to use it. It is wrong…Read More

Animals, especially our domesticated pets, are sentient creatures just like us. They have feelings, communicate, even love. What's more, they are completely dependent on us and in most cases trusting that we'll love them back. Dogs and cats too have been known to save the lives of their owners…Read More

La maltraitance animale doit être punie. De plus j'ai une femelle basset hound et ce sont des chiens adorables et gentils.

This is plain disregard for life in general to set fire to anything alive, especially a dog who cant talk. This druggie needs to do jail tome but you cant bring the family pet back. Pour some lighter fluid on him and light it and see if he likes it !!!!!

We must "Fight the Fight" to END the Abuse of ANY Animal:...Persons found doing so, should face jail time, and not slapped on the hand...We are talking about a life, a beating Heart! IT MATTERS TO ME! Peace/Love

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