"Breed & Greed: ATO Make Backyard Breeders Pay Their Tax!"

Given the poor reputation many backyard breeders and puppy and kittens farmers have gained, through the cruel treatment of companion animals over many years, it is long overdue that the entire industry was brought under tight regulation. There has been one too many instances where the cruelest circumstances have taken place for animals in the care of breeders across the entire state. Child care centres are regulated, builders are regulated, indeed every industry has their due legislation and regulations to abide by, so it is long overdue that the breeders of companion animals require this as well.

Our main aim here essentially is asking the Australian Tax Office to investigate backyard breeders & on-line puppy farmers and enforce Laws to make them declare their income & pay their taxes in the appropriate manner. Given the industry in question is basically cash-in-hand, none of this gets declared. 

The rest of us honest people pay Taxes ..so why shouldn't they?

Read and share the news on the website it is very informative, and the picture shown are heartwrenching.

If you would like further info you can contact the organisation direct by>>


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