Lawsuit filed on two-year anniversary of shooting death of Rosie the dog..
Please demand that action is taken and the people ( City of Des Moines, DMPD Officer M Graddon, Sergeant Wieland, and Officer Dominic Arico ) involved in the death of an innocent New Foundland called Rosie are held accountable.
Rosie was pursued, shot and killed by Des Moines police officers on Nov. 7, 2010, as she cowered in blackberry bushes in a back yard after being reported loose on a city street.
Among other horrendous things, you will read that after the first shot was fired into Rosie's body, causing her intense pain and suffering, the police officers involved gave each other a "high five" as if to celebrate.
The document continues, "Approximately twenty-eight minutes after their arrival at the Wrights' home, Rosie lay dead, having been Tasered twice and shot four times with an assault rifle. At the moment she died, and minutes before, she sat on her haunches, hiding in a thicket of blackberry bushes, in a fenced yard from which she could not escape, approximately 20 yards from the officers, and was not barking, growling, charging, baring her teeth, frothing at the mouth, moving, or threatening any person or animal."

Rosie "stared while Wieland gave authorization to Graddon to execute Rosie, which Graddon eagerly obliged by discharging an M4 assault rifle, while other officers stood by, although a catchpole was then available to the officers. After the first shot, one of the officers exclaimed, 'Nice!' The other officers then patted Graddon on the back in a congratulatory fashion."

The first shot "fractured Rosie's right, front leg, shattering her humerus, causing her to fall on her side. This shot would not have killed Rosie and veterinary treatment would have saved her life."

Graddon then shot three more times, finally shooting her finally. According to the document, "None of the gunshots entered Rosie's skull. As a result, Rosie did not die immediately or without undue suffering. Thus, any alleged attempt to 'euthanize' Rosie failed, and did not comply with standard veterinary, animal control, and law enforcement protocols and standards."
At no time during the incident did Rosie "bite, injure, or make physical contact with any Defendant or any other law enforcement officer or City employee."
The document includes Claims for Relief, stating that "Graddon unlawfully and unconstitutionally seized the Wrights' personalty, to wit, Rosie, in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution."
The document also includes claims of malicious injury to a pet, negligence, and trespass.

** MANY THANKS must be given to - SEATTLE PETS - writer for the Examiner. SEATTLE PETS has covered this story since day one and continues to do so, some two years later! Thankyou Seattle Pets**
2012- Seattle Pets, Examiner news story.
An earlier story (from early 2011) about Rosie's case.

Hello everyone, many thanks for taking action.
PLEASE go and join and give your support to -JUSTICE FOR ROSIE- facebook group.

Jayne Cvetanoski AAA
Nov 11th 2012

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