When I was about 10 I befriended a squirrel that I fed and it would sit on my shoulder and would stay there when I went in my house and back out side, every thing was good until one day a neighbor got mad because it started making a nest in his porch roof, well instead of closing the hole so it…Read More

coz people shouldn't get away wiv abusin animals

I believe animal abusers should be punished the way they abuse animals and see how they like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Animal's Love Is So Pure And For People To Take Their Love For Granted Is So Wrong, I Have Taken In So Many That Have Been Beaten , Burned, I Had This Little Poodle She Was Treated So Poorly, People Ripped Her Fur Out By The Roots And Set Her On Fire, I Took Her In And I Named Her Angel, These…Read More

I am hopeful that this type of registry would assist shelters and breeders in identifying convicted abusers before they have an opportunity to adopt or purchase another animal. I believe we must have compassion toward any animal or human being that "does not have a voice". As Ghandi said; "we…Read More

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