Chino was shot and killed in Charlotte, NC on private property by a police officer D BRYAN on December 16, 2012. Ivy was also shot but only injured in the incident. Neither dogs were attacking the officer or showing any sign of aggression.
Let's help to get justice for this family.
On December 16, 2012 an injustice happened to the Sanchez family.
There have been too many of these sad stories going on these days and nothing is getting done about them. It's time to stand up to trigger-happy police officers who are ready to shoot first rather than assessing the situation. This family is devastated.
According to the reports, the officer in question has not been put on leave but there is an internal investigation going on.

YOU CAN ... file a complaint against the officer D BRYAN using file #12-361663
Hope you all do the same. He needs to lose his weapon and his badge.

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