NSW Animal Pound's - Observe The Law & Get the Kill Rates Down!

The general public need to become more aware of what the law actually is, in comparision to what some pounds are actually doing in reality.

Are these Pounds aware , do they care that they are in fact breaching the Law?


Section 64, para 5, of the Companion Animals Act-

This is what it states:

(5) Before destroying a seized or surrendered animal as authorised by subsection (1), it is the duty of the council concerned to consider whether there is an alternative action to that of destroying the animal and (if practicable) to adopt any such alternative.

On Friday March 15th 2013 an incident at the Animal Holding Facility (AHF) at Blacktown occurred, with the sad and tragic deaths of five (5) innocent dogs who had rescue holds.

Dignity, Marlon, Zorro, Ronan and Clint did NOT deserve to die. These dogs had rescues coming for them over the weekend.

An Independent Provider assessed the five dogs that were KILLED and deemed them to not be suitable for rehoming due to aggression issues.

Temperament testing should always be done outside of the shelter, in a less stressful environment for the animal!

Pounds are scary, noisy places for the animals, and to assess them in this environment is just not fair.

The Law states that it is illegal to kill dogs when there are alternatives:
What protective measures are in place to prevent the killing by law? No matter how an animal (or dog in this case) ends up in a council pound, subsections 64(5) and 64A(2) of the Companion Animals Act 1998 (NSW) stipulate that it is the DUTY of the council concerned to consider whether there is an ALTERNATIVE action to that of destroying the animal and if practicable to adopt any such alternative. It is NSW state law to choose rehoming of these dogs.

We want to encourage Blacktown Council to employ a qualified Behaviourist or Behavioural Trainer to manage and oversee the training and assessment programs put in place for the animals at the Pound.



On Sunday March 24th an innocent young Cattle dog at TAREE POUND NSW AUSTRALIA was killed so needlessly.

VIA- Dog Rescue Newcastle ..this one year old pup had Rescue coming for her on Monday 25th March.

The companions Animals Act states that if a due date falls on a weekend or public holiday they have to give more time . .. but -they didn't and she was killed.

LINK to picture of the innocent CATTLE CROSS puppy killed.


ANIMAL welfare groups say RSPCA kill rates in the Lower Hunter are too high.

RSPCA statistics show 4862 of 11,989 dogs received in NSW in 2011-12 were euthanased – a 41per cent kill rate.



Please note that this petition will be getting sent to :

DAVID SHOEBRIDGE MLC - A Greens Member of the NSW Upper House.


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