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Bring More Fun And Creative Thought Into The Classroom

She had told me again. She didn't just tell me, again. She made sure she had made an 'example of me' in the staff common room. I was 13. Again, I had been given less than the marks I deserved. Her reason? , I couldn't possibly have written those essays by myself. Everyone else had written her essays the traditional way. Not much creativity and no one had caused her to think so much while reading their essay. She believed that somehow, I had found a way to cheat on all her tests. She, my English teacher made fun of my creativity and named me a cheat because I wasn't just any 13 year old Junior High school senior. I had a very active imagination and she probably was afraid of it.

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Bring More Fun And Creative Thought Into The Classroom

As a child we did not have the technology as the children of today. I believe learning should be fun and exciting for our children. I also believe that children need stimulation and motivation to hold their attention and to focus. We as parents need to encourage and support our teachers and students so that they may achieve a higher education. We all need to take a pledge to help our youth now and for the next generation. Together we can do this. As with all new ideas it begins with a creative thought. Lets stand together as we teach our community to have fun while learning and growing into responsible educated adults.

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