“My daughter Jazmyn, a sixth grader in Los Angeles, had fallen behind in math and was extremely discouraged. Being the mother to a student struggling with math is frustrating. Jazmyn is a visual learner, and the “standardized” system has left her confused and disengaged. Knowing that Jazmyn loved games, I decided to investigate a game-based approach for her math instruction. I found Educade.org and it has been a lifesaver. On the site there was a mobile game called DragonBox, and I learned how to integrate the game's algebraic puzzles into her learning. This approach sparked Jazmyns curiosity, incentivized her to re-engage and directly connect with her interests. Jazmyn’s perception of math has changed forever.”

-Liz C., Los Angeles, CA Mother of 3 daughters

The main problem in education today is that we're still using 20th century tools and practices while we've already moved into a 21st century environment. We've created Educade.org as a response to this shift in student learning taking place right now. This free online portal takes the most engaging and effective 21st century teaching tools out there and integrates them into fully developed lesson plans to make serious learning fun.

But we need your help. Without your support we won't be able to successfully maintain the site, expand the work to a nation in need, nor have a community staff that actually can support your needs. A generous contribution from AT&T allowed us to develop and launch Educade.org as a free resource, and they have continued their generosity by agreeing to provide a 2:1 match for every dollar raised here.

We need your help to get more students like Jazmyn excited about learning. By donating as little at $20 you can impact an entire classroom full of learners.

Help us reawaken the natural curiosity and wonderment that we all share.


Educade is developed by GameDesk with funding for development and launch by AT&T

Named one of Fast Company’s "Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education", GameDesk is a transformative 501(c)(3) nonprofit education ecosystem with a mission to develop the next generation model of education, revolutionizing the way students learn by embedding academic content and assessment into hands-on experiences, digital games, and simulations. Using the most advanced learning tools and methods, GameDesk transforms the learning environment and increases academic success with a mixture of cutting edge R&D, user and evidence centered design, content creation, curriculum development, professional development, and engaging popular technology. As a dedicated team of innovators, educators, game designers, engineers, inventors, administrators and students seeking a better tomorrow, GameDesk aims to catalyze a major shift in the way society thinks about education and inspires everyone to become part of the movement to make serious learning fun. For more information, visit www.gamedesk.org, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @gamedesk.  

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