Well I wrote one of these, guess I deleted it without knowing what I was doing..so tryin it again.. think every animal has the right to defend itself but seeing as how it cannot talk, then us as human beings should do it for them..sadly there are some people out there that are not even human..…Read More


I have rescued many animals and each time my heart is broken to see the pain people put on animals. Owning a animal is a pleasure and a commitment, too many people get pets because they are cute, untill they grow up. I rescued a black lab 2 years ago he weighed 38 pounds, his weight now is 94. The…Read More

Cody is my dog ​​and best friend, don't know what could i do if anything happened to him, they do not deserve to be treated in a bad way,…Read More

secure basic legal rights for animals

The basic reason that animals are abused, whether as pets, in laboratories, or in farms, is that they lack legal protection. We must have a proper legal framework to ensure that all animals whose lives are controlled by humans are not subject to any form of cruelty or mistreatment.

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