Sicangu Oyate Ho is a Lakota phrase for "Voice of the Burnt Thigh People."  We are the Sicangu Oyate of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.  We support the St. Francis Indian School and the 600 students who attend the school each year.  Our school is the only Tribally-chartered school by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, and 99% of our students are tribally enrolled or connected.  Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc. has been the official charity of the St. Francis Indian School since December 1970.

The school itself is funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, but we are experiencing drastic budget cuts each year which will continue for the next 3-5 years.  Therefore, we have unmet needs in providing programming to our students, as well as in meeting the basic needs of the children who spend a great deal of their time in our care.  The Rosebud Reservation is located in Todd County, SD, which was ranked by the 2010 US Census as the 3rd poorest county in the United States.  Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc. uses 100% of this fundraiser on student needs, and no money from this campaign will be used for any type of administrative costs. We can be located on Facebook at, and have a "Gold Star" rating at

We are raising money to fund a two programs that the non-profit would like to launch called, "Support a Student" and "Support a Program." 

"Support a Student" raises $250 per academic year per student who attends the St. Francis Indian School that exhibits a high amount of need.  These needs can range from needing a pair of tennis shoes for gym, winter clothing, or other "basic" needs.  Of the $250 raised, 100% of the money raised goes to the student in need.  We would like to operate this program from a list of students who are referred to the program by teachers, counselors, and other people in the school system.  Once the need of the student is documented and verified, $250 will be allotted and receipts will be kept until the entire $250 is spent.

"Support a Program" raises money for the various programs in the school that have an unmet need throughout the academic school year.  This could be for a Senior Class Trip (this year's seniors are planning to go on an academic field trip to California in the spring), travel money for a culture club to attend a cultural event off the Rosebud Reservation (such as the Lakota Drum Group, Lakota Hand Game Team, or Lakota Language Team), help a group of students visit a college they are interested in attending after high school, or one of our many academic or sports programs at the St. Francis Indian School.

As a new entity of Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc., is looking for funds to support our Lakota children that will: 1) Increase student exposure to opportunities off the reservation; 2) Support cultural experiences and offer Lakota Sioux cultural programming in: arts, language, activities, song, and/or dance; and 3) Assist our most needy students with basic needs to break down any barriers they may experience during the school year that could prevent them from being a successful student at St. Francis Indian School.

We are in no way affiliated with, nor do our students benefit from the organization Rosebud Educational Society or the St. Francis Catholic Mission.  We are also not a religious organization.  The name of the school is a historic name and has been separate from the Catholic Boarding School since 1971.

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