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Keep creationism out of public-school science classes

The Texas board of education is trying to incorporate "creation science" into Biology books

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Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

amazing: "science is religion" #creationism #evolution

Kansas Group Tries To Remove Evolution From Schools By Claiming Science Is A Religion

Right Wing Watch
A Kansas-based group that “promotes the religious rights of parents, children, and taxpayers” is challenging the state’s science standards because they include the teaching of evolution, which the group claims is a religion and therefore should be excluded from science class. As the AP reports, Citizens for Objective Public Education (COPE)…Read More
Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

this is awesome --- a liveblog from the texas board of education's hearing on their proposed textbook changes. a clear win for science, by…Read More

Live-Blogging the Texas Science Textbook Hearing (2013)

TFN Insider
5:29 – That’s a wrap. We’re calling this hearing a lopsided victory for science. Thanks, everyone. Watch the blog tomorrow for video of former SBOE chair Don McLeroy’s strange and confusing return to the board as a member of the public, and other fall-out from today’s hearing. For pictures from today’s science rally (and virtual rally), check…Read More