Dear Olympic Committee,
I have no great story to share, simply a desire for basic decency and respect to be shown to other humans. Supporting these brave people is far, far more important than any sporting event. My thoughts and admiration for their courage and compassion go to them, their…Read More

Everyone in this world deserves peace and happiness. Some people just need to back the heck off.

Uprising of Love
Uprising of Love Campaign leader

Putin’s anti-LGBT law turns one on Monday. Human Rights Campaign Foundation released a new report documenting a year of discrimination,…Read More

Putin’s Anti-LGBT Law Turns One

Human Rights Campaign
Putin’s Anti-LGBT Law Turns One HRC Foundation releases new report documenting a year of discrimination, persecution, and violence against LGBT Russians following enactment of new law   6/27/2014 Washington–– In advance of the one-year anniversary of Russia’s notorious anti-LGBT law, today the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation…Read More
Progressive Impact
Progressive Impact Campaign leader

Please tell us you have seen Melissa Ethridge's new music video. It. Is. Amazing. SHARE to encourage others to join the "Uprising of…Read More

On March 17, 2014.. My class and I had a discussion in Religion class about doing a Mandala. We discussed appropriate and inappropriate reasons to be allowed to draw on this poster and post around the school. Being the curious group that my two best friends and I are we notice that GLBT is under…Read More

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